Heavenly Holistic Healing

Body, Mind & Soul

Lorna Cracknell IPHM


I had my first experience of Reiki about 7 years ago and i had no idea what to expect. I was amazed, my hours session seemed only to last 20 mins. I had never felt so relaxed, so peaceful, it was like the world around me just disappeared. Afterwards I felt so positive, so focused and my headache had gone. The Reiki Practitioner seemed to know which areas of my body needed the most healing.

Reiki is a form of energy healing which can be given with the gentle placing of hands on certain areas of the body (this is can be non-contact if preferred).

Negative emotional energy can build up in all of us at times and Reiki can help remove these. Reiki is painless, natural and safe, it treats the whole person, including emotions, body, mind and spirit. Reiki energy will flow to the areas that need it the most, releasing blocked energy, and leave you feeling more relaxed and focused.

The Reiki experience is different for everyone, but you may feel changes in temperature from my hands, you may feel some tingling or you may feel a little emotional, some may even fall asleep, and some may feel no difference at all, but this doesn't mean that it hasn't worked.

Reiki can be used to increase general well-being, reduce pain, anxiety, fatigue, support recovery after injury and much more.

Reiki can be used along side traditional medicine, but should never be used in place of any traditional treatments.


Please feel free to contact me if you would like any further information.